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    About Tom:
    Tom Rossoni's swimming pool career started in 2000 when he purchased a small route. Through hard work and referrals, he doubled his route in a couple years. After maintaining a route of more than one hundred pools per week for five years, he moved on to work as a project manager for a major pool builder in the Bay Area. Here he obtained a wealth of knowledge in Pool/Spa construction. After managing the construction of over 400 pools, he returned back to the service and repair side as Azzurro Pools.

  • Over the past few years, water demands have risen, while the quality continues to decline.

    As the impurities in pools continue to rise (impurities don't evaporate), many pools have required a drain and refill. Because water is earth's most precious resource I decided to find an alternative. Hence the  "Puripool Process". With the Puripool Process, we've launched East Bay Water Solutions seeking to save millions of gallons of water and provide our customers a pool  full of water that is safe, clean, and inviting!