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  • How it works

  • Testing the water
    First the water is tested for Calcium Hardness, TDS, PH, Chlorine, Alkalinity,Phosphates, Cyanuric Acid, and Salinity.  The results (before and after) are logged on the Chemical Analysis sheet which you will be given a copy of after the process is complete.

    A calculation of the volume of pool/spa water is made and recorded.

  • Set Up
    1-1/2" hoses are run from the trailer to the pool for suction and return. On the end of the suction hose, Virginia Graeme Baker (VGBA) compliant fittings are used for your safety so the pool can be used while the water is being processed! Two garden hoses are used as well. One supplies water to replenish the small amount  (about 15%) of the water lost in the filtering process. This hose goes from your house to the trailer where it is processed before returning to your pool. The second hose is for waste, to get rid of those unwanted solids.  This hose goes from the trailer to your sewer line.

  • Start-Up
    Calculations are made based off your TDS and Calcium Hardness to determine the set points and run time.

    We are self-contained, providing our own power through a 20 KW Diesel generator in our trailer. The generator is started, the pumps are started, let the processing begin! Adjustments are made for flow rates and pressures. The trailer is locked up and secured.

  • Monitoring and Processing
    The computer in the trailer is linked to my cell phone, notifying me of any interruptions, when the set points are met, and the process is complete.

  • Filtering
    The  water in your pool is processed through our proprietary multi-stage processing filtration system, removing all of the impurities and Total Dissolved Solids. The process takes approximately 10 hours for a 20k gallon pool.

  • Completing the Process
    Once the set points are met, and all the water in your pool has been restored to better-than-bottled-water purity, the process is complete! The system will then shut down on its own!

    I will be back the following morning to retest the pool water, roll up hoses, and pick up the trailer.

  • All Done!
    You are left with a pool filled with fresh, filtered water so pure, you can drink it!