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  • The most important indicator of our work is the words of our clients.   Some of them have shared their stories below.

  • Here's what our clients are saying:

  • Spectacular Job It has been four months since Tom has treated our pool so it's time for a review. The title says it all - spectacular job! For many months our pool was out of whack and a couple of experts said it needed to be drained. This was something we did not want to hear with the cost of the replacement water and the possibility of the pool "floating". The cyanuric level was very high and we were adding, along with other chemicals, 16-20 ounces of granulated chlorine each day. Unbeknowst to us this compounded the pool problems and the next day the chlorine reading was back to zero! We were also doing heavy sweeping of algae daily and cleaning the filters every week. Not fun at all!

    We then heard of Tom's service and after talking to him decided to go ahead with his process. He came, got set up, and overnight the job was done. The readings before and after the treatment were day and night. We did have to slightly balance the pool a bit to bring it back into specs as he did such a great job. Since then we are just adding one gallon of liquid chlorine every week or so and do a light brush now and then. This is the wonderful way it was when we bought the house many years ago.

    In our case, within a month or so of Tom working "his magic", we have paid for his charge and the water replacement cost, which turned out to be very little. This is due to the savings of the chemicals we were literally pouring into the pool on a daily basis.

    If your pool is anywhere near this condition, or just curious, we would strongly recommend checking out East Bay Water Solutions and get Tom's opinion. If he doesn't think it is necessary - he will not recommend the procedure.

    Rating: Jeff M.

  • Don't Drain Your Pool!!!

    I just had Tom (the owner) purify my pool! I don't know if that's the right term, but basically he parked a trailer on my street, ran hoses to my pool, and in ONE day ran reverse osmosis on the water taking it from toxic and turning it into drinking water!

    Here's how it came about: I went to my local pool supply store and was told that my Cyanuric Acid was too high so I need to to drain and refill my pool. WHAT?!??! Maybe I don't want to waste 20,000 gallons of water, and risk the pool shifting, and possibly ruin the pebbletec plaster! So looked online and asked around and found that reverse osmosis was the only other option, but was told that no one does it locally. WRONG! Tom brings a trailer out and does it!

    The process was quick, easy, and the pool is sparkling clean! No risk to the pool, and I didn't waste 20,000 gallons! Tom seems like a really good guy, and he walked me through every aspect of the process, the chemicals, getting everything balanced again, etc. I rarely write reviews, but I was pretty excited about this whole thing.

    If you're a bit nerdy, that trailer is seriously awesome. It looks like it's extremely well designed. When it's done purifying your pool, it shuts off automatically and even sends him a text!

    I definitely recommend this process for anyone being told to drain their pool! :)

    Rating: Steve V.

  • East Bay Water Solutions resolved the calcium problems in our pool that we have been dealing with for the past two years. We are on well water and it was destroying our pool equipment and the surface of our pool. We did not know what to do. We could not imagine draining our pool and having water trucked in during a drought. Then we met Tom and our problem was solved and in a much less expensive manner than draining and trucking in water. In one day he recycled all of our water and our calcium problem was solved. He was very professional. He explained everything and we are extremely happy with the outcome. Our pool is back to normal. Thank you Tom!"

    Rating: Yon & Nicole, Petaluma, CA

  • Today we had our pool water purified by East Bay Water Solutions. Tom did a amazing job at getting our water clean enough to drink. We did not have to waste water. Every 3 to 5 years you are supposed to drain your pool and replace the water. But with this process you can keep the water you have. This is the best thing to do in California where water is in drought crisis, And water quality is not very good. Thank you Tom, we love what you did for our pool.

    Rating: Bill and Birda

  • The Ca level of our salt pool started out high (400 ppm) and climbed steadily over the years until it reached a level (1200 ppm). Keeping the water in balance was a challenge and the chlorine generator required frequent acid cleanings.  If we dumped and refilled 1/2 the volume of the pool (10,000 gallons) , we would have only reduced the Ca level to 650 ppm since the best water in the area is 100 ppm. After some research, I discovered East Bay Water Solutions and their reverse osmosis treatment. After setting up, Tom’s equipment ran quietly and unattended until treatment was complete. The end result was water more pure than I ever could have achieved otherwise; the Ca level was down to 160 ppm. The water even looked different since it was absolutely crystal clear. The only other way I could have even come close to this level of purity would have been to do a total refill of the pool. Working with Tom was a pleasure and I would recommend his service unequivocally. Next time the Ca level creeps up I’ll call him sooner and won’t wait for it to get sky high.

    Rating: Jim

  • EBWS provided an estimate of costs, time and procedure on purification of our 25,000 gallon swimming pool. They were reliable, on time and extremely knowledgeable about all things water. After the overnight purification process, Tom spent time with me educating my limited knowledge of pool maintenance with sound advice and recommendations on how to keep the pool water in a healthy and balanced condition. I would highly recommend this company.

    Rating: Malcolm M.

  • Tom has been great to work with. Our pool went from swamp to clear. Great not to have to drain the pool. Recommend to anyone with a pool.

    Rating: Linda D

  • East Bay Water Solutions and Tom did exactly to my pool water what he did for the other 3 Yelp reviewers, with the same results. If you want a green alternative to the standard solution of drain and dilution, then this is it.

    Rating: Casey H.

  • Wonderful results and great service. My pool was a mess and unable to hold chlorine. All the reading were too high and I was told my only hope was to drain it. Then I found Tom's company. After the recycling treatment, which was reasonably priced considering the cost of draining and refilling, the water is now crystal clear. I highly recommend Tom's service.

    Rating: Jay B.

  • Tom and I had a conversation about my pools algae issue and he was extremely knowledgeable and helpful as to what I should do to rid our pool of algae. If I can clear up my pool I'll be calling up for his type of water filtration service.

    Rating: Calvin K.