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  • Why East Bay Water Solutions and the Puripool Process?

    Our process produces a clean safe environment for your family to swim in

    Our filtration system will remove unwanted, unsafe particles down to the size of .001 microns! That includes Cyanuric Acid, Total Dissolved Solids, Calcium, Phosphates, Nitrates amoung many other unwanted particles. Our trailer is also equipped with an Ultra Violet system eradicating 99.5%  of pathogens that may have entered your pool.

    Purifying pool water recycles and conserves water
    "Swimming Pool Maintenance 101", will tell us we should drain our pools every 3 to 5 years. Why waste all that water when we can filter it for you with our mobile filtration unit conserving up to 85% of your existing water!

    Save money using less chemicals
    Just about everything you add to your pool, including make up water, will include TDS, Calcium, and other unwanted dissolved solids. Remember, only PURE water evaporates out of your pool leaving behind those unwanted solids that decrease the effectiveness of chlorine. Pure water requires less chemicals!